Dear Santa

Seeing wish list from Eric and Paul, I want to make my own wish list too. 😀

My ComputerDear Santa, this is my computer. It’s PENTIUM 166Mhz with VGA S3 Virge 4MB, 63 EDO RAM, Sound Blaster 16 ISA, 13GB Hard drive. It had been more than 8 years since she came into my life. We always learn from each other. From her, I learn that every computer had a soul, and it soul came from it’s owner. It mean that if you tap in to my computer, you’ll see part of me, what I do for living, my hobby, who I love, my soul, my conscience, my logic, my mind, and my believe. A good and a dark side of every mind can be seen from it’s computer. She taught me such a great lesson. With out her, I wouldn’t be as I am right now.

But, nothing last forever. Now, she can’t anymore support new programs such as Windows XP, DELPHI 8, BORLAND J BULDER, Linux Mandrake 11 X-Window, MS SQL Server 2003, and so on.

Beside that, many of her hardware components were wear off. Now, she cannot restart her self, to restart I had to power-off the computer, and turn it on again. Her BIOS batteries is also wear off, now I have to set her date and time on every time I turn on my computer. There also something from with it’s VGA, USB port, processor fan, casing, and so on.

But, even so, I still love my computer, she’s one of my precious thing I have. So Santa, please pimp my computer.

(p.s: my house does not have a chimney, so if you come, just use a door bell)

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