American Idol 5: Bye-bye Christ

Christ DoughtryIf I were an American …, I’ll vote for Christ Doughtry (1, 2, 3). Too bad, at top 4 elimination American Idol, Christ had to go home. He’s been my favorite since the beginning. My personal opinion, the top 3 (from the 12 contestant) should be:
1. Christ
2. Elliot
3. Taylor

Last night, I actually expecting Katherine McPhee to be eliminated that night. The performance was great (at least the jury think that way), the songs is great. America vote for Katherine more. 😦 The result it beyond expectation.

That’s why, when Ryan announce the bottom two, Christ and Katherine. It’s surprises me. When suddenly Ryan says that Christ had to go home, I still think that he was joking (but, he’s not).

The theme for last nigh show (hits of Graceland’s Elvis Presley) was … a bit unfair for Katherine (most of her fans think that way), but yet. She made it. I personaly think Christ is better that Katherine, but … I guest may be Katherine have more fans that Christ. That mean:

more fans = more vote

Well, I guest it’s a good bye then … 😦

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