Migrating from BERYL to COMPIZ FUSION

Quite satisfied with Feisty Fawn + Beryl. But, unfortunately Beryl project is no more, because now Beryl and Compiz are merging, becoming COMPIZ FISION.

I look some information on the internet, I found there’s quite many people give positives comment about Compiz Fusion, so I decided to give it a try.

On first attempt, the installation using Synaptic Package Manager were failed. Then, I try to uninstall it, and install it again. (I don’t know why but) It works! 🙂 Then I try to start Compiz using compiz –replace command. But nothing happen. I search on internet, but I can’t find any solution. Well It’s a new project, may be it wasn’t perfect yet. So, I just give up for a while. (Beside, I still have a deadline to catch up on my work).

Few days later, Update Manager notifies me that there’s a new update on emerand module. Then I update those modules, I restart my UBUNTU then … voi la! compiz –replace really does works!

Compiz Fusion really does AMAZING! It has smoother animation that Beryl.

The only problem I that black window problem (sometime the window became blank/black). But I manage to fix it by using compiz –replace –indirect-rendering while starting Compiz.


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