Review on The First Asian Idol

The first Asian Idol result show, was on December 16, 2007. Live from Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia. Every finalist gave their best for this competition. But … however, everybody have their favorite, a prediction. Before this result show, according their performance, my prediction (just my personal opinion) for top three in this Asian Idol is:

  1. Mike Mohede (Indonesia)
  2. Mau Marcelo (Philiphines)
  3. Jaclyn Victor (Malaysia)

But …, there’s always be an x-factor. So …, considering that, my prediction (just my personal opinion) for the top three is …

1. Hadi Mirza (Singapore)
2. Mike Mohede (Indonesia)
3. Mau Marcelo (Philipines)

I pick Hadi Mirza as my first choice is because his got the look. In my theory, I believe most of the voters are young … female teenager. Not just in this Asian Idol show, but also any other “idols” show. Why? as I know, there are more male who are less care about voting their idols than female. And since he also got that look, that means … he got a vote. Although they think there’s a better finalist than him, I think most people will still include him for their secondary choice. If the voter are male, may be they vote for Phuong Vy, but as I told before, because of most of the voters are female …, that makes him got more vote. It is something that happens in Indonesian Idol, first season.

And … voila! 😦 it really does happen.

However, it doesn’t mean that Hadi Mirza is bad. No! He’s good. I’m not a musicist, I know not much about music. It just that … as Indonesian, I’m hoping Mike to win, because we know how good he could be when he sings.

To bad, eventhough … it’s a fair competition.

PhÆ°Æ¡ng Vy

This ‘PhÆ°Æ¡ng Vy‘ is really does cute! 🙂
She has a great voice, but I think she sings better in Vietnamese than in English. Another great thing about her is that she has that something that calls to every men: “vote for me” without even need to say it.


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