“If you’d known this was going to happen, would you have done it?”

City of Angels (1998), this generation might not know much about this movie.. It’s a romatic drama about an angel, Seth (Nicholas Cage) who fall in love to a woman, Maggie (Meg Ryan). And to be with the woman he love, he gave up eternity to live as a mortal with her.

After he became a mortal, they fall in love with each other, but tragicly, their happiness is not for long. Maggie die in an accident.

Knowing that, Seth’s friend, an angel ask him:

If you’d known this was going to happen… would you have done it?

Seth replied:

I would rather have had…
…one breath of her hair…
…one kiss of her mouth…
…one touch of her hand…
…than an eternity without it.

I know, logicly in real life, it’s wrong! But, romantic … yes.

The idea is… If you met someone that makes you happy, but in the end, you found that you can’t be together and that gives you a great grieves. If you have a chance go back in time. Will you avoid of meeting her? Will you avoid falling in love on her so that you wouldn’t get hurt?

If I do, I would go back in time, meet her, and love her more. I’ll make every seconds count.


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