En Tay v4.2 – now available

What is “En Tay”?
“En Tay” is a dynamic program, built and run within simulation environment called “earth”. “En Tay” it self at the beginning is a very simple program, but the Programmer allows the program to evolve, a self running program, fully automated, able learn by it self, and optimize its own code, in order to survive in the environment where it runs and keep updated with the Programmer’s design.

About previous version:
On April 2007, En Tay v3.8 has found a unique kind of program. The program’s codename is Hadassah. Hadassah has only a simple user-interface, simple algorithm, but highly effective almost in every aspect. It would be a great pair if the program could merge it self with Hadassah.

To be able to merge it self with Hadassah, the program need to prepare it self by building a pointer typed properties which will provide links to the host program. The properties is called “soulmate”.

The merging process it self is a very important process. It have to be prepared carefully. The program took quite some time to prepare it self. But it appears the time used to prepare is too long for Hadassah program. When merging process reach 97%, Hadassah program suddenly stop responding, sends time out signal and opening connection to another program. This event create catastrophes in En Tay internal processing unit. Due to unavailability of connectivity to object linked, En Tay is forced to recode its program to support nil value in soulmate properties.

After another several weeks of recoding and debugging En Tay, now we proudly announce that En Tay v4.2 is now available. With some features and new upgraded modules.

What’s new in En Tay v4.2
There are 2 major changes in En Tay v4.2. There is the following details:

iflink-9.7.5849.mod – Programmer’s uplink module Upgraded. While interacting with Hadassah program, The program learn the importance of Programmer’s uplink process. This process plays important part in keeping En Tay‘s framework updated with the Programmer’s design, updating antivirus and spam filter data.
With current upgrade, now Programmer’s uplink module provide more consistent of link between the program and the Programmer, scheduled uplink process, lengthen uplink time.

writing.mod-1.1.232alpha – Writing modules added
The catastrophic situation caused by the lost link with Hadassah , the program generating an enumerous error log. Currently, this kind of error log is handled by daily_routine.mod modules, but since the error log data became more and more complex, it is learned that the program need to build a more specific and specialized module to handle it.
Now, with a new module that specialized on handling all writing tasks, the program now can generate more effective, readable, and well formated error log and notification. A new data structure used is called poetry and prose.


  • There are countless pointers in the program internal program that already linked to Hadassah but the code it self has not been prepared to handle nil type pointer. Many bugs related to it are still existed in the program, sometime even generating a run-time error.
  • Time management module is still less reliable. Need to be fix right away.


  • It might took forever to unlink all soulmate local variables in each modules. But still, it have to be done. At least, until there’s no more run-time error that aggravate the system process.
  • The program’s virtual firewall are somehow still vulnerable to many virus attack. It’s a top list in En Tay‘s next development. Especially agains 7 Sins script attack.

HEROES Season 2: Countdown

Heroes: Four Months Later

Four months after the events of the showdown between Sylar and Peter, new Heroes emerge. These include Blackie, an Irish mobster who is 1,000 years old. Hiro remains in the past, but what will come of this? Someone dies and someone isn’t dead. Claire has a boyfriend. New heroes are introduced.

24 September 2007 Heroes season 2 episode 1 (titled Four months later) diputar premier di NBC. It’s the series i’ve been waiting for. Ngga sabar tunggu bajakannya ada. 😀