David Choi – Missing Piece

It’s the song that keeps going on my head. Love it!

David Choi – Missing Piece

david choiI feel like a boat without a sailor
I go where the wind blows
Just moving around like a lonesome stranger
I got no home

In search of a treasure
Some place I don’t know
It feels like forever
I’m making my way
Through the hills and deserts
I thirst for hope

I don’t know
What I’m looking for
But I’ll know
When I find it

There is a missing beat
Inside of me
The rhythm of my heart
Hits unevenly

There’s a missing piece
Inside of me

Trying to figure it out
But it amounts to nothing
I want to realize
But nothing I find
Ever feels like the real thing
Can you empathize?

I don’t know
What I’m looking for
But I’ll know
When I find it

I’m lost inside
A cold bitter world
I can’t understand the need
It’s makes it so hard to breathe

“If you’d known this was going to happen, would you have done it?”

City of Angels (1998), this generation might not know much about this movie.. It’s a romatic drama about an angel, Seth (Nicholas Cage) who fall in love to a woman, Maggie (Meg Ryan). And to be with the woman he love, he gave up eternity to live as a mortal with her.

After he became a mortal, they fall in love with each other, but tragicly, their happiness is not for long. Maggie die in an accident.

Knowing that, Seth’s friend, an angel ask him:

If you’d known this was going to happen… would you have done it?

Seth replied:

I would rather have had…
…one breath of her hair…
…one kiss of her mouth…
…one touch of her hand…
…than an eternity without it.

I know, logicly in real life, it’s wrong! But, romantic … yes.

The idea is… If you met someone that makes you happy, but in the end, you found that you can’t be together and that gives you a great grieves. If you have a chance go back in time. Will you avoid of meeting her? Will you avoid falling in love on her so that you wouldn’t get hurt?

If I do, I would go back in time, meet her, and love her more. I’ll make every seconds count.